7 Tips to Write a Perfect Payment Reminder Message to a Client

You’ve done everything possible to bill a client on time, but they’re still not paying you. And now, it’s time to remind them. Whew. It doesn’t have to be stressful, and it doesn’t have to be painful. Here are some tips for writing a payment reminder message to a client.

1. Add invoice number and due date in the subject

It’s important that your client knows which invoice they are receiving this email about, especially if they have more than one outstanding invoice from you at any given time. Make sure that your reminder emails include a subject line with the invoice number and due date so that there is no unnecessary confusion about which invoice this email pertains to.

2. Reattach the original invoice

This is a great way to show your client that you are serious about getting paid. You can also include a brief explanation of why you’re sending them this reminder, like “We’ve attached our invoice again in case you misplaced it.” This is a great way to show your client that you are serious about getting paid.
You can even add a timeline in a friendly way that you need the payment by a certain date, so you can be sure to get paid in time.

3. Be polite but direct

It’s important to be polite when writing a payment reminder message to a client. If they’re not paying you, they might be feeling frustrated and upset with themselves, and it’s important to be kind in your communication with them.
However, don’t be too soft in your message—they need to know that the time for excuses has passed, and it’s time to act.

4. Time it right

Don’t send a payment reminder message to your client at 2:00 am. Wait until it’s the right time.

The perfect time to send a payment reminder message is when they’re most likely to get it and respond—for example, in the morning when they’re fresh and not distracted by other things going on in their life.

5. Keep the content short

Your client may be busy, so don’t go into too much detail in your first reminder email. Keep things short and sweet by explaining why they should pay up and what the next steps will be if they don’t respond within X days.
If your client has already agreed to pay for the work, there’s no need to explain why they should do so again.

6. Include ways to pay

You can help your clients pay you by including links to online payment options or other forms of payment (such as checks). This makes it easier for them to pay on time without needing to contact someone else to get their needed information. In addition, including how much time they have to pay before penalties are applied (such as late fees).

7. Don’t be afraid of using humor… sometimes!

Alert: Consider this only if you have very friendly and cordial relations.

Humor is key for breaking the ice with clients.

If you can use humor in your message, do it! It shows that you’re not taking the situation seriously and will make your client feel more relaxed about the whole thing. Humor also helps put things into perspective for both parties involved. For example, if the client hasn’t paid yet but has said they would, you could say something like, “I guess we’ll have to cancel our plans for lunch on Friday since we can’t afford to pay for it ourselves anymore,” or “We should probably just go ahead and cancel our plans for this weekend since I’m sure you’re busy working on paying me back again.” The point is that it gets them thinking about how ridiculous it would be if they didn’t pay on time and that they should probably do something about it immediately, so they don’t end up with any problems later on down the line.

Sample Payment Reminder

Dear [Name],

Greetings of the day.

We’ve been working together for quite some time, and I want to make sure you get the best value for your money.

Just a friendly reminder, your payment is due in [timeframe] days. You’ll see this on your next invoice. Let our customer support team know if you have any other questions.



Whether you just found your business or you’ve been in business for years, getting payment from your clients can be a big challenge. Consider trying some of these strategies to increase the odds in your favor, and see what works best for you. Want to make sure your reminders are never forgotten? Connect with PaymentPilot today and we’ll keep you and your customer up-to-date on everything important.