Business to Business


Our selection of Business Loans and Lines of Credit are unmatched in the industry. With flexible approval standards and funding in as fast as 24 hours, you will be hard pressed to find a solution that offers you the flexibility that Payment Pilot offers.

In addition to in-house funding, we utilize a network of over 30 different banks and private equity funds to get you the financing you need. Approvals are fast and typically only require our one page application and 3 months of business banking statements.

Payment Solutions for Service Professionals


If more than half of your business transactions are from commercial or corporate transactions then Payment Pilot’s B2B Interchange optimizer is what you need. Business-to-business or B2B payment processing tend to require different tools and involve more steps than business-to-consumer. You need a payment solutions provider that understands and will factor in the unique needs of your B2B business. At Payment Pilot, we offer the lowest rates and the best service.

Payment Pilot’s B2B payment solutions will streamline and step up your collection process, as well as protect your cash flow. We will give you access to reduced interchange rates that will allow you to save on every commercial and corporate credit card transaction your business makes.

Our B2B Interchange is fast, efficient, user-friendly, and secure. It will save you effort and money by making it easier for your business to create invoices and to receive and process payments. You will be able to conduct credit card payment processing over the phone or onsite with our free virtual terminal and mobile app. Get paid anytime and anywhere. You will also get access to our well-trained and ready to assist service and tech department. All this with the lowest rates guarantee.

Having the right payment processing platform is a crucial part of doing business. Partner with Payment Pilot for your B2B business growth and success. Try it out, risk and commitment-free. We don’t charge cancellation fees and we won’t lock you in with a long-term contract. Reach out to use and get started today.


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